Talk about HARD CORE...Hit hams and triceps on Saturday @ Houston's own MetroFlex! A/C is for babies! LOL. Get ready to SWEAT if you think about hitting MetroFlex. I'm not talking a "glow" or "perspiration"...I'm talking you look like you just jumped into the swimming pool with your clothes on. Bring a sweat towel! You're gonna need it! I love the atmosphere! The music is loud, it's okay to slam the the guys like to say..."It's okay to be strong here!" When you're deadlifting over 400 LBS it's hard to "set" the weights down without a sounds. Go ahead! UNLEASH THE BEAST!

You want to make some changes in your physique...spend a few hours a week in this place WITHOUT lifting a weight and you'll looks 10 LBS of water-weight in no time.

Special thanks to Ryan Wendt for his generosity!

The Workout
*Glute Buster (L♥VE this machine!)
*Roman Chair Back Extensions with concentration on glutes and hamstrings
*Hamstring Curls
*Tricep Cable Push-downs
*Lying Single-arm Tricep Extensions
(across chest)
*Tricep Cable Extensions with Rope to the gym for some CARDIO!

♥Much Love♥


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