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As women, we tend to feel so much pressure to look a certain way. We are conditioned as young girls to view beauty as 5'9", 105 lbs., stick arms and bird legs. Surgical "enhancements" have become the norm as we vie to look like the latest Hollywood starlet. Criticism comes to those of us that train hard as we are told muscularity will rob us of our femininity.

We were created as individuals. You may have that perfect runway model figure. Or maybe you're more like me; having to work a little harder to keep the derrière in check. I will never fit into a triangle top bikini like my favorite Victoria's Secret model. We all have our weak areas just as we have our best features. It's what you do with what God has graced you with that matter most. There is no "magic pill", no short-cuts. You have to dedicate yourself and work hard.

I am taking a personal stand against conformity! I will not supplement unnaturally to transform myself physically. I will n…