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Freezer Section: DO NOT ENTER!

If we want to see different results, we have to make changes. Changes in our daily activity levels (EXERCISE) and changes in our nutrition. Not everyone looks forward to their daily workout and not everybody wants to eat "like a bodybuilder". Although, eating "clean" is not torture contrary to popular belief! You don't have to sacrifice good food. I enjoy eating as much as the next guy. It's all in the choices we make. 
For instance, when you're next at the grocery store, study the labels before you put an item in your basket. My advice for the freezer section: unless it's frozen-fresh veggies you seek or frozen poultry & seafood...STEER CLEAR OF THE FROZEN FOOD! Yes, that includes the "healthy" frozen meals. It may be convenient, but with a little planning and preperation, you can accomplish a greater ready-to-eat meal by cooking your meals in advance. For more tips and advice feel free to email me @ If you h…