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Sample Workout

Flickr Tags: ,,,,, I promised a sample workout for a sweet friend. So here is an example of what a week's worth of training might look like consisting of only three lifting daysMonday: 30-45 min CARDIOTuesday: LEGS•legs extensions •squats•lunges•lying hamstring curlsWednesday: 30-45 min CARDIOThursday: BACK, BICEPS & TRICEPSBack•lat pull downs•bent-over barbell rows•back extensionsBiceps•standing barbell curls•preacher curls•hammer curlsTriceps•cable push downs with straight bar•cable reverse pull downs with straight bar•bench dipsFriday: SHOULDERS, CHEST & CALVESShoulders•lateral dumbbell raises•front dumbbell raises•barbell upright rowsChest•barbell chest presses•dumbbell incline presses•pushupsCalves•seated calve press•standing calves raisesSaturday: 30-45 min CARDIOSunday: RESTEach exercise might consist of 3-4 sets, 15-20 reps with moderate weight. Just remember that if you don't feel the muscle bu…