ONE Way to FIT!

With so many wraps, corsets, fat burners, shakes and other "supplements" on the market today and each one hammering your media feeds, I just want to go on record by saying there is only ONE WAY TO FIT! EAT WELL AND EXERCISE.

I, like so many, struggle with weight gain, especially after the birth of my second baby girl. I lost the "baby weight" quickly, but I would LOVE to slim down another 10 LBS. It's just that my body (not me!) seems to be happy where I am. I haven't gained excessively and I exercise regularly (4-6 days per week on average). So here's the truth! There is no magic wrap. You can't tuck it all into a body sculpting corset every day (unless you don't value AIR like the rest of us) and there is no iron clad supplement regimen that can guarantee you'll achieve and maintain a fit, healthy body.

THE SECRET...well, there really is no secret. It just takes dedication, preparation, self-control and patience! I'm at about 50% pers…

Does Microwave Cooking Diminish Nutritional Value of Food?

So my oven broke. Being the over-achieving Do-It-Yourself 'er that I am, I tried to fix it. In turn, I shorted out my stove top. BRILLIANT! I know. 

Lesson of the Day: Don't Play With Electricity!

Needless to say, until my genius of a baby brother (who is 34-years old now...not so "baby") comes to my rescue, I am having to be as resourceful as possible in using my George Foreman Grill, Toaster Oven and Microwave. This has brought about the discussion of whether or not the Microwave Oven diminishes the nutritional value in foods cooked by way of the microwave. So...I GOOGLED it! 

In short, the answer is NO! In fact, microwave cooking may preserve the nutrients in foods due to the shorter cooking times (exposure to heat). Here is the article that I found published by Harvard Medical School. If you have thoughts or comments, please feel free to comment below.

Until next is to a #HappierHealthierStrongerYOU

The Incredible Edible Egg!

1. Eggs are among the best foods for the body especially to a growing child.

2. Eggs do not cause an elevation of blood cholesterol.

3. Eggs do not clog up the coronary vessels as once thought. In fact the opposite is now true.

4. Eggs are low in energy value and is a factor to consider in the formulation of a caloric-restriction diet.

5. Eggs protein quality is extremely high and has a very high nitrogen-retention value. Hence it is extremely useful in post-surgical care, trauma and in post-management of hypovolemic shock against negative nitrogen balance.

6. Eggs contain vitamin D in its natural form. The benefits of vitamin D require several chapters on human nutrition in medicine to discuss.

7. Eggs are cancer-protective, especially for breast cancer.

8. Eggs are very rich in sulfur-containing amino acids methionine which is a very crucial amino-acid in blocking damaging free radicals. These are directly linked to the pathogenesis of heart disease, cancers, DNA damage, all degenerative d…

My Transformation Challenge: So it begins...

Since beginning Depoprovera in January 2013, I have be unable to drop a single pound. My weekly workouts consist of 5-6 days of weight lifting (split muscle groups) and 4-5 days of cardio (30-40 min sessions). Although I struggle daily with getting all my meals in, my macro-nutrients remain consistent.

Yesterday I began taking Lo Loestren (low hormone dosage). Today I begin a more consistent diet & increased weekly cardio sessions. I will also be incorporating steam sauna sessions into my weekly regimen along with daily Apple Cider Vinegar tonics. Outside of my normal BCAA's and pre-workout thermogenic, I will be including a multivitamin and OMEGA3's. 

Purge body of toxinsIncrease metabolismDrop body fat by 5lbsDecrease body fat percentage by 2%
This is my personal challenge. #JoinTheMovement and put yourself to the challenge. You're worth it and your body will thank you! #HealthierHappierStrongerYOU #HarmoniousMindAndBody

Weekly progress pictures will ensue.

Just for the ladies...HORMONAL WEIGHT ISSUES.

JUST FOR MY LADIES...I think I have identified the culprit to my constantly stubborn body weight. It seems no matter how regimented my nutrition and cardio/training, I can't shake the weight! Until a few weeks past when I missed my 3 month Depo appt. I let it lapse about two weeks before rescheduling my appt. Sure enough, within that short time frame, I dropped almost immediately. Although, I thought it was the fruit of my own labor...until now. I've had the Depo in my system for a week and a half and guess what else is back? Ugh! The few pounds I had dropped. I'm sure "non-Hormonal" is the answer, just kinda creeped out by forgein objects (if you catch my drift). I've only been on BC for 6 months since the birth of my daughter. Prior to that, I had been 5 years BC-free. Looking for advise, opinions, personal experiences. DISCLAIMER: HOPE THIS DOESN'T REACH A VIEWER WHO FINDS THE CONTENT INAPPROPRIATE. :)

6 Great Eye Creams...

Here is the occasional repost. Today it's EYE CREAMS. After all, I am "30-something". Take care of yourselves, my lovely ladies.

Brighten, de-puff, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the delicate, trouble-prone skin under your eyes.
Aveeno Smart Essentials Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment Bring gentle relief to overtired eyes with a hydrating formula packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Roll it on under the eyes to freshen and brighten them, so you look more rested.
To buy: $11,

Origins Eye Doctor Moisture Care
This is just what the doctor ordered: a formula infused with green tea extracts and cooling cucumber that can be used night and day on all skin types to help minimize crow’s-feet and dark circles.
To buy: $35; Yahoo! Shopping

Philosophy Eye Hope Multitasking Eye Cream for Dark Circles, Puffiness and Lines
Its name promises a lot, but this product delivers: Its active ingredients aid collagen production, so skin looks firmer, and help juice circulation to re…

Battle of the Bulge

We all struggle with temptation. Its just our nature. The key to beating the urge is faith, strong will, and the outside support and encouragement from others.

CONFESSION: I have a mad sweet tooth! How do I control it? My morning French vanilla coffee and the occasional visit to Swirll. :) Moderation is key; not deprivation! There is no magic pill, wrap or potion. Quick weight loss and temporary diet plans, prepackaged meals are all just a gimmick. To transform your body, you must transform your lifestyle. This is a journey; a trying process that begins from within. So many lose weight quickly and then decide to "take a break" from whatever "program" catapulted them to success. Well, NEWS FLASH, you can't "take a break" from a healthy way of living; eating clean and exercising regularly, and expect not to regress!

If you have been on a mission to revamp the reflection in the mirror and aren't seeing results, chances are, you may be missing a crit…