Battle of the Bulge

We all struggle with temptation. Its just our nature. The key to beating the urge is faith, strong will, and the outside support and encouragement from others.

CONFESSION: I have a mad sweet tooth! How do I control it? My morning French vanilla coffee and the occasional visit to Swirll. :) Moderation is key; not deprivation! There is no magic pill, wrap or potion. Quick weight loss and temporary diet plans, prepackaged meals are all just a gimmick. To transform your body, you must transform your lifestyle. This is a journey; a trying process that begins from within. So many lose weight quickly and then decide to "take a break" from whatever "program" catapulted them to success. Well, NEWS FLASH, you can't "take a break" from a healthy way of living; eating clean and exercising regularly, and expect not to regress!

If you have been on a mission to revamp the reflection in the mirror and aren't seeing results, chances are, you may be missing a critical component. It may be nutrition, it may be your exercise regimen, it may even be a medical aliment. Before you decide to make a drastic decision to alter yourself by medical procedure, consider these things:

1.) your eating habits; calories, carbs, fats, protein...
2.) your level of exertion during training
3.) are you weight training, with the right form, the right tempo, the exercises...
4.) how much or little cardio are you doing?
5.) What is your Target Heart Rate Zone?

If you aren't sure if your eating habits are helping or hindering, ASK! If you aren't able or willing to push yourself beyond your limits during your training sessions, you need HELP! Check out the Testimonials page for FLEX Fitness Personal Training for a sneak peek into what could be the start of your TRANSFORMATION. Don't wait another day! Call and schedule your free consultation.

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  1. Thank you for your wisedom and motivation. Clean eating is so difficult for me to attain without great mentors and tons of will power. It also requires planning ahead for success. Today I bought no added sugar fruit popsicles (30 calories) to keep at work. Next time everyone is eating cake, ill have a popcicle. I cannot be trusted to eat just one cupcake yet. :) I will working hard, and learning better ways to eat! Baby steps right?


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