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Just for the ladies...HORMONAL WEIGHT ISSUES.

JUST FOR MY LADIES...I think I have identified the culprit to my constantly stubborn body weight. It seems no matter how regimented my nutrition and cardio/training, I can't shake the weight! Until a few weeks past when I missed my 3 month Depo appt. I let it lapse about two weeks before rescheduling my appt. Sure enough, within that short time frame, I dropped almost immediately. Although, I thought it was the fruit of my own labor...until now. I've had the Depo in my system for a week and a half and guess what else is back? Ugh! The few pounds I had dropped. I'm sure "non-Hormonal" is the answer, just kinda creeped out by forgein objects (if you catch my drift). I've only been on BC for 6 months since the birth of my daughter. Prior to that, I had been 5 years BC-free. Looking for advise, opinions, personal experiences. DISCLAIMER: HOPE THIS DOESN'T REACH A VIEWER WHO FINDS THE CONTENT INAPPROPRIATE. :)

6 Great Eye Creams...

Here is the occasional repost. Today it's EYE CREAMS. After all, I am "30-something". Take care of yourselves, my lovely ladies.

Brighten, de-puff, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the delicate, trouble-prone skin under your eyes.
Aveeno Smart Essentials Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment Bring gentle relief to overtired eyes with a hydrating formula packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Roll it on under the eyes to freshen and brighten them, so you look more rested.
To buy: $11,

Origins Eye Doctor Moisture Care
This is just what the doctor ordered: a formula infused with green tea extracts and cooling cucumber that can be used night and day on all skin types to help minimize crow’s-feet and dark circles.
To buy: $35; Yahoo! Shopping

Philosophy Eye Hope Multitasking Eye Cream for Dark Circles, Puffiness and Lines
Its name promises a lot, but this product delivers: Its active ingredients aid collagen production, so skin looks firmer, and help juice circulation to re…