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I finished my workout week strong on Sunday with a second round of LEGS and touched up SHOULDERS. I was able to get to the gym only three times this past week, but I made the most of my time…TUESDAY: Back, Biceps & TricepsWEDNESDAY: Legs & CalvesSUNDAY: Legs & ShouldersI’m feeling great! Although its being advised that I need to focus on getting in my daily meals to retain muscle and keep from dropping my body fat any lower. I am technically “off-season”, but more importantly, I am still nursing. So my focus this week is less supplementation & more real meals! With a four-month old this means PREPARATION! And very likely eating cold chicken & asparagus with my fingers! :) With the onset of muscles soreness already present from yesterday’s workout, I started the day with the addition of one great natural muscle recovery ingredient to my oatmeal…COCOA! Although, the recommended consumption is 30-45 minutes post-workout. Try adding cocoa to your post-workout shake!CHO…

24 Day Challenge

It's A New Year, A New YOU! Call me today or order online! Let's take advantage of this promotional offer (expiring 01.17.2012) and get back on track to a healthier you! Its not just about the next 24-days, its about the rest of your life! If you have questions about the challenge, PLEASE call me! It's your body...EARN IT!In Health & Happiness, Charisse Frugé | Direct: (281) 932-9102 | My Advocare | | Visit My Facebook PagePost-Partum Progress Pix…taken 01.09.2012…And my angel…taken 01.08.2012…will be 16 weeks old on 01.11.2012.