I finished my workout week strong on Sunday with a second round of LEGS and touched up SHOULDERS. I was able to get to the gym only three times this past week, but I made the most of my time…

TUESDAY: Back, Biceps & Triceps

WEDNESDAY: Legs & Calves

SUNDAY: Legs & Shoulders

I’m feeling great! Although its being advised that I need to focus on getting in my daily meals to retain muscle and keep from dropping my body fat any lower. I am technically “off-season”, but more importantly, I am still nursing. So my focus this week is less supplementation & more real meals! With a four-month old this means PREPARATION! And very likely eating cold chicken & asparagus with my fingers! :)

With the onset of muscles soreness already present from yesterday’s workout, I started the day with the addition of one great natural muscle recovery ingredient to my oatmeal…COCOA! Although, the recommended consumption is 30-45 minutes post-workout. Try adding cocoa to your post-workout shake!

CHOCOLATE › to boost blood flow for muscle growth
Chocolate offers numerous health benefits due to the fact that cocoa is rich in antioxidants and components that could benefit cardiovascular health. New research reports that cocoa boosts nitric-oxide (NO) levels thanks to a flavanol called epicathecin. NO increases blood-vessel dilation, which enhances delivery of nutrients, hormones and oxygen to muscle fibers for promoting muscle performance, recovery and growth.


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