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"He's strong to the finich cause he eats his spinach"

I LOVE Spinach! Especially on a high protein diet. Spinach offers so many vitamins and nutrients in addition to being a great source of FIBER! Here is my favorite Spinach Salad Recipe:

2-3 cups of fresh Baby Spinach
3-4 oz. chicken breast (grilled or baked)
1 oz. sliced almonds
1 oz. feta cheese
1 oz. dried cranberries aka "crazy berries" as my love call them. =)
(yeilds one serving)

This salad is so DELISH! It doesn't even NEED dressing. However, if you'd like to add a little, I would recommend a balsamic or red wine vinegar spritzer.

Bon appetit!

Cutting Calories: Smart tips for how to take them off―and keep them off.

Smart tips for how to take them off―and keep them off.
How to Cut Calories
Bad news: The average person gains one to two pounds a year.

Good news: Consuming just 100 fewer calories each day is enough to avert that weight gain.

If you’re finding this out a little too late―and you want to actually lose some of that weight―you have to downsize by 500 calories a day. But you don’t have to slash them all from your plate.

“You can eat 250 calories less and then burn 250 by walking for 30 to 45 minutes. Over a week, that will produce about a pound of weight loss,” says Holly Wyatt, MD, a clinical researcher at the Center for Human Nutrition in Denver. You won’t see dramatic changes immediately, but small tweaks like those will pay off over time.

Tweak Your Diet

1. Start with salad...and eat less during the rest of the meal, says a study from Pennsylvania State University. When salads were topped with low-fat mozzarella and low-calorie Italian dressing instead of high-fat alternatives, women …