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Does Microwave Cooking Diminish Nutritional Value of Food?

So my oven broke. Being the over-achieving Do-It-Yourself 'er that I am, I tried to fix it. In turn, I shorted out my stove top. BRILLIANT! I know. 

Lesson of the Day: Don't Play With Electricity!

Needless to say, until my genius of a baby brother (who is 34-years old now...not so "baby") comes to my rescue, I am having to be as resourceful as possible in using my George Foreman Grill, Toaster Oven and Microwave. This has brought about the discussion of whether or not the Microwave Oven diminishes the nutritional value in foods cooked by way of the microwave. So...I GOOGLED it! 

In short, the answer is NO! In fact, microwave cooking may preserve the nutrients in foods due to the shorter cooking times (exposure to heat). Here is the article that I found published by Harvard Medical School. If you have thoughts or comments, please feel free to comment below.

Until next is to a #HappierHealthierStrongerYOU