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Lean Leg Workout

Gotta lift some weight, ladies, if you wanna lose the jiggle! We underestimate our leg strength. Lets face it...if your legs carry YOU around all day, every day; you CAN squat more than 50 pounds on the Smith Machine!! So put on your big girl panties and LIFT SOME REAL WEIGHT!!
I've mentioned how I typically split my leg workouts between two days (Hamstrings on one day and Glutes & Quads on another). Lately I've been doing hamstrings one day and plyo the next. Well, I have had to modify my workouts this week due to scheduling but I got it in!
Today's Workout Muscles Focused: Glutes, Quads & Hamstrings
10 min. Warm-up
Compound Set: •Leg Extensions •Lying Hamstring Curls
Compound Set: •Vertical Leg Press: Foot positioning: Shoulder Width + Toes Out + High & Narrow •Seated Calve Raises
Compound Set: •Sumo Squats •Jumping Lunges
Compound Set: •Barbell Squats with stepper (breaking the plane!) •Bulgarian Split Squats with stepper
•Single-leg Elevated Bridge (glute/hamstring isolatio…

Fat Incenerating Intervals: Heart Rate Zone Training

Optimizing Cardio Fat Burn with 60-SecondSprint Intervals. Your sprint speed should be challenging, not just a jog! Get your heart pounding! The slow it down watching your heart rate recover to the lower end of your heart rate zone. The greater your endurance becomes, the less recovery time you'll need. 45-60 second recovery period and get ready for another 60-second race! 
If you're just beginning your workout program or in recovery and you need to work your way up to sprinting, try the "incline interval program on the treadmill. Again, challenging yourself with both speed and incline settings. The goal here is to maximize your workouts and fat burn by monitoring your HEART RATE!

FYI...Here Are My Heart Rate Zones:  150 BPM - 170 BPM
Find your max heart rate and your target fat burning zones here:

TRANSFORMATION: 5 weeks, 4 days...

Yesterday began a new week of training for me. With just more than five weeks to reach my personal goal, I have made some modifications to my routine. Those changes include plyometric legs training and increased cardio sessions (frequency and duration). Here is a snapshot of my training week:
•Hamstrings (Sun) •Back & Chest (Mon) •Biceps & Triceps (Tues) •Plyometric Leg Day (Wed) •Cardio Only (Thurs) •Shoulders & Calves (Fri) •Plyometric Leg Day (Sat) =================== •Fasted Cardio (daily) •Post-Lifting Cardio (daily)
It may seem like too much sacrifice to many, but this is my therapy. My fasted cardio sessions begin around 5am when the house is still quiet. This is my time to reflect, meditate, plan my day and in cases like today, handle business (ie. sending emails, ECT). My daughter looks forward to her afternoon playtime at the gym also. We truly have a great routine. After the gym, it's dinner, bath & bedtime (well, most days...playtime...then bedtime). 
As a fairly n…

Plyometric Leg-Leaning Routine:

So I've been lifting heavy on leg days for 12-18 months now...sometime after the birth of my baby girl. I workout legs twice a week splitting muscle groups for maximum muscle concentration. Typically, Sundays are "hamstring days" and mid-week I workout glutes and quads. My goal has been to further develop my legs which are the most challenging muscle groups for me as I carry most of my excess body fat in my lower half. I have underestimated my strength in the past, as many of us do. If you're wanting to gain muscle, there is only one answer: LIFT HEAVY! Don't be afraid of the weights. You aren't going to turn into The Hulk over night! In fact, genetics have everything to do with the end result. If you have more questions about the type of training that is right for you contact me! (281) 932-9102. 
NOW FOR THE PLYO ROUTINE!!! By taking away the heavy weights and focusing more on high-intensity movements with little rest time,…