Fat Incenerating Intervals: Heart Rate Zone Training

Optimizing Cardio Fat Burn with 60-SecondSprint Intervals. Your sprint speed should be challenging, not just a jog! Get your heart pounding! The slow it down watching your heart rate recover to the lower end of your heart rate zone. The greater your endurance becomes, the less recovery time you'll need. 45-60 second recovery period and get ready for another 60-second race! 

If you're just beginning your workout program or in recovery and you need to work your way up to sprinting, try the "incline interval program on the treadmill. Again, challenging yourself with both speed and incline settings. The goal here is to maximize your workouts and fat burn by monitoring your HEART RATE!

FYI...Here Are My Heart Rate Zones: 
150 BPM - 170 BPM

Find your max heart rate and your target fat burning zones here: http://www.ehow.com/how_8662321_calculate-anerobic-threshold.html


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