TRANSFORMATION: 5 weeks, 4 days...

Yesterday began a new week of training for me. With just more than five weeks to reach my personal goal, I have made some modifications to my routine. Those changes include plyometric legs training and increased cardio sessions (frequency and duration). Here is a snapshot of my training week:

•Hamstrings (Sun)
•Back & Chest (Mon)
•Biceps & Triceps (Tues)
•Plyometric Leg Day (Wed)
•Cardio Only (Thurs)
•Shoulders & Calves (Fri)
Plyometric Leg Day (Sat)
•Fasted Cardio (daily)
•Post-Lifting Cardio (daily)

It may seem like too much sacrifice to many, but this is my therapy. My fasted cardio sessions begin around 5am when the house is still quiet. This is my time to reflect, meditate, plan my day and in cases like today, handle business (ie. sending emails, ECT). My daughter looks forward to her afternoon playtime at the gym also. We truly have a great routine. After the gym, it's dinner, bath & bedtime (well, most days...playtime...then bedtime). 

As a fairly new mother, I use to feel guilty for wanting to take time to workout. Now I realize it benefits not only me but also my daughter. I want to be at my best for my daughter and that also means being at my best for me. Whatever your day demands, demand a little time for yourself. 


  1. you are such an inspiration! I will be starting this split next week..looking forward to the results and getting my body back!Your last paragraph resignates with me a lot...its like you wrote this to me personally lol...blessings to you, your family, and continued journey!


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