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My Transformation Challenge: So it begins...

Since beginning Depoprovera in January 2013, I have be unable to drop a single pound. My weekly workouts consist of 5-6 days of weight lifting (split muscle groups) and 4-5 days of cardio (30-40 min sessions). Although I struggle daily with getting all my meals in, my macro-nutrients remain consistent.

Yesterday I began taking Lo Loestren (low hormone dosage). Today I begin a more consistent diet & increased weekly cardio sessions. I will also be incorporating steam sauna sessions into my weekly regimen along with daily Apple Cider Vinegar tonics. Outside of my normal BCAA's and pre-workout thermogenic, I will be including a multivitamin and OMEGA3's. 

Purge body of toxinsIncrease metabolismDrop body fat by 5lbsDecrease body fat percentage by 2%
This is my personal challenge. #JoinTheMovement and put yourself to the challenge. You're worth it and your body will thank you! #HealthierHappierStrongerYOU #HarmoniousMindAndBody

Weekly progress pictures will ensue.