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Sleep is a Beautiful Thing!

Overall health and wellness is so much more than just exercise and proper nutrition. SLEEP is critical. Are you one of those "Oh, I can get away with just a few hours every night and I'm good to go!"? 

Think again! 
Studies prove that healthy persons receiving just 4 hours of sleep per night had blood glucose and insulin levels nearly identical to those of a diabetic. WHAT!?! Fortunately, there are ways to aid sleep through lifestyles changes.
Eat to....SLEEP? Eating a large meal, or high carbohydrate meal 2-3 hours before bed will spike your blood sugar levels making you feel more alert. Alternately, here are a few foods that can help you sleep better, longer: Yogurt & Kale: Contain tryptophan, an amino acid that helps build hormones that make you feel sleepy, and calcium to aid in distribution of tryptophan. I would suggest keeping it GREEK. Higher protein and lower sugar. Fish & Flax Seed: Both contain Omega-3 Fatty Acids which have a calming effect on the brain. S…


I recently had a friend from the gym ask me how I lost my baby weight so quickly. In addition to maintaining my lifestyle of healthy eating and regular workouts during my pregnancy, I was quick to get back to exercising as soon a I felt strong enough after having my daughter. I offered my friend a review of her current daily nutrition. Proper nutrition is critical to fat loss! I also learned that my friend has tested for low thyroid hormone production, albeit not low enough for medical treatment. After some research, I  designed a meal plan for my friend with the following information in mind: 
Incorporate: IODINE Include the following iodine sources in your diet: iodized salt, cod, shrimp, Cow's milk and eggs. ZINC oysters, wheat germ and dairy products SUPPLEMENTS B vitamins Vitamin C Tyrosine (amino acid)  https://www.advoca…