Plyometric Leg-Leaning Routine:

So I've been lifting heavy on leg days for 12-18 months now...sometime after the birth of my baby girl. I workout legs twice a week splitting muscle groups for maximum muscle concentration. Typically, Sundays are "hamstring days" and mid-week I workout glutes and quads. My goal has been to further develop my legs which are the most challenging muscle groups for me as I carry most of my excess body fat in my lower half. I have underestimated my strength in the past, as many of us do. If you're wanting to gain muscle, there is only one answer: LIFT HEAVY! Don't be afraid of the weights. You aren't going to turn into The Hulk over night! In fact, genetics have everything to do with the end result. If you have more questions about the type of training that is right for you contact me! (281) 932-9102. 

NOW FOR THE PLYO ROUTINE!!! By taking away the heavy weights and focusing more on high-intensity movements with little rest time, I hope to bring down my legs exposing greater detail and muscle separation. Do not be fooled, nutrition also plays a critical role here! 

•Stair master - 20 min. Intervals on Level 7

Compound Sets - 4 sets 
•Squat Jumps onto Bench - 20 reps
20 seconds rest between exercises
•Alternating Toe Taps on Bench - 20 reps

Compound Sets - 4 sets
•Sit Down/Stand Up Stepper Squats w/60lbs. Bar Bell - 20 reps
20 seconds rest between exercises
•Alternating Jump Lunges - 20 reps

Compound Sets - 4 sets
•Bulgarian Split Squats on Stepper - 20 reps each leg
20 seconds rest between exercises
•Overhead Squat w/20lbs. Dumbbell - 20 reps 

•Jump Squats off Stepper - 4 sets/15 reps 


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