ONE Way to FIT!

With so many wraps, corsets, fat burners, shakes and other "supplements" on the market today and each one hammering your media feeds, I just want to go on record by saying there is only ONE WAY TO FIT! EAT WELL AND EXERCISE.

I, like so many, struggle with weight gain, especially after the birth of my second baby girl. I lost the "baby weight" quickly, but I would LOVE to slim down another 10 LBS. It's just that my body (not me!) seems to be happy where I am. I haven't gained excessively and I exercise regularly (4-6 days per week on average). So here's the truth! There is no magic wrap. You can't tuck it all into a body sculpting corset every day (unless you don't value AIR like the rest of us) and there is no iron clad supplement regimen that can guarantee you'll achieve and maintain a fit, healthy body.

THE SECRET...well, there really is no secret. It just takes dedication, preparation, self-control and patience! I'm at about 50% personally. With a household to run and a career, it is easy to lack in one area or more. So let's break it down...

NUMBER ONE: Devise a PLAN - set your attainable, short-terms goals. And don't beat yourself up if you have the start over!

NUMBER TWO: Plan your meals. If you need guidance from a coach with nutritional expertise, seek help! Your macro nutrient ratios and caloric intake are critical in achieving results.

NUMBER THREE: Get moving! Even if it is just 10,000 steps a day. You have to start somewhere. Work your way up to resistance training because this is where the fun starts! Talk about "body sculpting"! WOOHOO! And a tone physique is not the only benefit from weigh training. Reduced stress and anxiety, enhanced mood, increased energy, decreased risk of high blood pressure, osteoporosis and so much more!

I hope you've found this encouraging! Now get out there and BE WONDERFUL!


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