For the love...

So many things can derail our goals in live, water-down our motivation. Today is all about igniting the passion for a better life and reminding myself that it is for the love of life, for the glory of my Lord that I work as hard as I do in the gym. I have had a rough competition recovery period, but I think my body is finally back in balance. So today is the day that I throw all excuses, all inhibitions out the window. Determination levels are high! So let's hit the gym, kill those shoulders, sweat though the HIIT cardio and follow the nutrition plan!! Set a goal today! A specific date and an end result. My date will be my next competition and my end result...FIRST PLACE, BABY! Work hard until your goal has been satisfied and then reward yourself! THEN...Set another goal!! It's the markers, the milestones in life that keep us on track. Enjoy the ride.


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