Dropping the “Baby Weight”

I am two and a half weeks postpartum and I have reached my pre-pregnancy weight. Before I continue, I must tell you that I gained 18 lbs. during my pregnancy. I was CONSTANTLY hounded by those close to me trying to force-feed me – claiming that I’m “eating for two”. I believe that a pregnant woman must eat for her baby, but “eating for TWO”…I couldn’t disagree with more. My nutrition pre-pregnancy was what most consider “extreme”; however, it is the lifestyle that I have chosen – eating clean and working out mostly every day might seem “obsessive” to some, but to those that live the lifestyle that I am so passionate about understand that it is about discipline– NOT obsession.

My precious baby girl is HEALTHY and HAPPY. Research shows that overweight pregnant women are more likely to give birth to a child with a lower BMI and the contrary for pregnant mothers that are underweight;  they are more likely to give birth to a baby with a higher BMI. This is the baby’s way of preparing for what their bodies think may be feast or famine in the outside world.

I have not be “cleared” by my doctor to resume training since my cesarean. I did workout moderately most days up until a week before my baby was born. I can hardly wait to get back into the gym. I am certain I have lost a significant amount of muscle considering I have reached my starting weight. I have not measured my body fat percentage and am sure it is much higher than what I typically carry. I have not modified my pregnancy diet since I am exclusively breastfeeding. The nutrients from a more balanced diet are essential for my baby girl. I’ll continue to post progress. In the meantime…Here is what a typical day looks like for US right now:

6AM – 4 egg whites, 1/2 egg yolk, 1/3 cup of Old Fashion Oatmeal sweetened with Splenda & cinnamon. Folger Gourmet sweetened with Splenda & Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

9AM – CarbMaster Yogurt, fresh strawberries, 1/2 oz. Emerald Cocoa Almonds

12PM – 2 to 3 oz. Lean protein with 1/2 cup green beans (occasionally 2 – 3 oz. sweet potatoes or 1/4 cup of brown rice)

3PM – 2 oz. apple, Cheese Head Light Swirls mozzarella & cheddar cheese stick

5PM - 2 to 3 oz. Lean protein with 1 to 2 cups baby spinach or mixed greens

8PM - CarbMaster Yogurt, fresh strawberries

*target water intake = 2+ liters

*occasional sweet cheat with MetRx or Pure Protein (low sugar) protein bars. 


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