Postpartum - Week 4

Since the baby is too young for the gym and I haven’t “officially” been cleared to workout, we are doing what we can to ease back into training.

Sunday’s Workout

The bleachers are shaded @ Old Kempner Stadium in the late evening. So that’s where we were last night. The track is unpaved, but Ava Grace is too young for the jogging stroller still anyway. So while she napped in her car seat on the bleachers, Momma was a never more than a few steps away “gettin’ my glisten on”.

15 X 2 – Stadium Stairs

30 X 2 – Triceps Bench Dips

15 X 2 – Incline Bench Pushups

20 X 2 – Stationary Reverse Lunges

20 X 2 – Box Jump Squats

20 X 2 – Single-legged Calf Raises

I am so ready to hit the weights, but my abs are still healing from my cesarean and this 30-minute circuit last night made me sweat! I’ll keep turning up the heat gradually. Keeping the diet clean, while maintaining balance needed for my little girl’s nutritional needs.


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