Focus and Form


Mental preparation is important for the success of any training program. When you enter the gym, leave all your distractions outside - work, stress, money, chores, and fear.

Everyone is in the gym to get better, so don't worry about people looking at you - most people look at others in the gym to stay motivated. Focus on yourself, your workout, and your body.

Also, working out requires that you push yourself harder than you normally do. You might be surprised to hear that if you don't tell yourself you can do it, you probably won't. During each set and every rep, you should mentally or even verbally congratulate and motivate yourself.

Every completion and failure during training is progress, so keep your head in the game and you will see results.


Form is one of the most important aspects of training. As you'll soon realize, many of the people in the gym have poor form due to lifting too heavy - resulting often times in injury later.

Train right, avoid injury, and lift with controlled intensity. Feel your muscle contractions with each movement and you'll know exactly how to hit the right muscles for each exercise.

As a Certified Personal Trainer, my purpose is to teach my clients proper form. Eventually, I want for you to spread your wings and FLY! You shouldn't HAVE to train with your Trainer FOREVER...unless you rely on the motivation - which is often times most of the battle. If you have any questions or need an example of proper form...ASK for help!

In the gym, remember to use a mirror to assess each set and rep to make sure your form is perfect. By focusing on strict form and establishing a strong mind-muscle connection, you can ensure your target muscles receive the force they need for growth.

EARN YOUR BODY! Set Goals, Devise a Plan and STICK TO IT! Nothing great is ever achieved without determination and hard work.


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