Wholy Grain

“These cheerios are made of whole grain and will reduce your cholesterol”, “all the whole grain your kids need!”, “finally a cookie made of whole grain your child will love!”.

I’ve had it. I detest whole grain. Great corn and wheat industry, we understand you need us to feel good about munching on your sugary fattening products, but let’s be real here, they won’t make anyone less fat! It won’t reduce pounds of unwanted belly fat or improve our cholesterol. And it certainly won’t make us healthier.

People intuitively know that eating bread, pasta, potatoes, cereal etc tends to fatten us up. It also makes us more susceptible to type 2 diabetes. So in order to attract all of us who are concerned about health, the grain industry likes to tell us “no, it’s refined SUGAR and white flour that is bad, not whole grains”.

So what is whole grain? To be honest, I don’t know anymore cause the spongy bread seems to be labeled whole wheat for instance. I don’t see complete pieces of kernels in there anywhere and if the bread is dark it’s most likely colored.

Whole grain pasta has just as many calories as white flour pasta. You won’t get lean by eating whole grain cheerios instead of regular cheerios.

The problem with grains are: 1) most people eat more of it than they need cause it tastes delicious and is dense in calories 2) Since it’s marketed as healthy, we eat more of it and hence our total calories increase, 3) we don’t NEED high octane fuel like we work 12 hour labor shifts day in and day out.

” Where am I gonna get my energy from?” is a question I’m often asked when I recommend ditching grains and eat veggies if you’re serious about losing all the fat. Let me tell you where you’re gonna get that energy from and trust me it will last for weeks: your fat butt!!!!! Or your belly!!! If you see something you can pinch, that’s where you got your energy hun! You want it gone? Stop feeding the beast with “whole grain”.

I’ve learned that most people don’t really want to lose weight. Or should I say they don’t want to do it on the best terms. They want to do it conveniently so! On their terms.

Kellog’s whole grain granola bars: crap. Whole grain bread: crap. Whole grain pasta: crap. Eating tons of quinoa: crap. Eating brown rice: crap.

Just ditch the damn grains altogether and enjoy them infrequently instead like TREATS. that’s what they’re good for, but if you want to get ripped, your diet should not consist of treats on a daily basis.

by: Pauline Nordin


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