StReSs & sleep (Part Two)

Action Plan

For those who try to go without sleep by choice, don't cheat yourself of the rest that will help keep blood sugar regulation and hunger signals in balance. This is simply a matter of changing your nighttime habits. Instead of getting stuck on a movie late at night, try relaxing with a good cup of chamomile tea and a book or magazine. Commit to an hour earlier bedtime and slowly work your way to getting at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep.

For others, stress reduction cannot only improve sleep; it may be absolutely necessary to re-establishing the ability to sleep. If you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep:

• Have a blood or saliva test to measure cortisol and DHEA levels.
• See a mental health counselor or life coach.
• Learn stress-reduction techniques like meditation and yoga.
• Increase exercise during the day to help burn off those stress hormones. Avoid overtraining, however, as intense exercise can actually increase cortisol and
contribute to the inability to sleep.[xiii] People with excessive chronic stress may get more benefit from including relaxing types of exercise like yoga or walking.

Specific Supplements for Stress and Sleep Support:
First of all it is important to take a mulitple vitamin that is rich in B vitamins and Vitamin C. In addition, other specific agents could be of benefit: Adaptogenic herbs like rhodiola and holy basil lower cortisol and improve focus and energy.[xiv],[xv] Holy basil has also been shown to help improve blood sugar levels.[xvi]

Reloraplex: Relora®, a patented blend of 2 Chinese herbs, also help decrease the effects of chronic stress.[xvii] It can help with stress related eating and keep you calm during the day.

L-theanine eases feelings of anxiousness or nervousness and can help slow a racing and active mind.[xviii] It is particularly helpful if you can’t stop the rolodex from spinning in your mind at night by lowering PEA (phenylethylamine) production

5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) can help increase serotonin and melatonin resulting in less cravings and • improved mood.[xix]

If stress has casued you to get the dreaded midday drop in energy, then consider Cortrex, a combination product that supports Adrenal function when you are feeling worn down.

If you are under chronic stress and want to support adrenal function then consider
• Adrenomend, a combination herbal adaptogen, which helps your body to remain resilient to stress.

For Sleep
Sleep Solve 24/7 Is a combination product containing :
Seditol a proprietary exraction of phellodendron and Sisyphus fruit. It has significant benefits for helping to reduce Calcium ion influx in brain neurons, which results in a calmer mind. In addition it helps to promote serotonin transport that helps to preserve serotonin.

Melatonin which has excellent evidence that it help people to sleep but also helps with protecting the brain. If this isn’t enough consider taking one of the agents above for stress such as Relora to help you to quiet your brain signals going into the evening.


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