11 Weeks Post-Partum...

Well...getting to the gym regularly has proved to be a great challenge. But HAVE NO FEAR! I have invested in a spin bike and my nutrition is on point along with my new Advocare regimen.

My mornings begin before "baby girl" wakes up with fasted cardio for optimal fat burn. I have been at this schedule for a week now and have dropped down to 125 lbs. I am so excited to see the changes just this week has brought! YES, 4:45AM cardio is a challenge, but it is a sacrifice that will bring Great Reward and I'm up to the CHALLENGE...speaking of...

My 24-Day Challenge will begin soon as well! JOIN ME! Whether you are looking to jump-start weight loss, break through that plateau or just start the New Year off feeling refreshed and full of ENERGY. Contact me for more information!


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