Light Substitutions

Trying to cut back on calories and fat? Use this chart to determine which ingredients can be substituted for healthier options.

Instead of: Try:

Ground beef : Ground turkey

Cream (for everything except whipping) : Evaporated skim milk OR low-fat buttermilk

Cream Cheese : Neufchatel OR Light Cream Cheese OR Ricotta Cheese

Butter or margarine : Light butter (use less or reduce the liquid elsewhere in the recipe) OR combination of light butter and fat-free cream cheese OR prune puree or baby food prunes OR applesauce

1 egg : 2 egg whites OR egg substitute (amount will vary)

Chocolate chips : Mini chocolate chips and reduce amount OR use fewer chips

Sour cream : Plain yogurt OR fat-free sour cream

Nuts : Use less and toast for added flavor OR crispy rice cereal

Peanut butter : Reduced-fat peanut butter (I also like the low sodium!)

Whole milk : Evaporated skim milk OR skim or low-fat (1 percent) milk

Oil (in baking) : Applesauce OR pumpkin puree OR prune puree OR mashed bananas

Mayonnaise : Reduced-fat mayonnaise OR mustard

Sour cream, mayonnaise, and cheese-based dips : Bean dips, roasted and pureed vegetable dips, salsa

Bacon or sausage : Turkey bacon OR turkey sausage OR Canadian bacon OR lean ham

Beef chuck or brisket : Beef round OR flank steak

Pork butt/shoulder : Pork tenderloin

Cream-based soups : Broth-based soups

Pepperoni pizza : Veggie pizza, light on the cheese

Pasta with cream sauce : Pasta with tomato sauce

Snacking on crackers or chips : Snacking on raw vegetables and fruits

Chicken wings or nuggets : Breaded and baked chicken breast strips

Bagels or muffins : English muffins

*As in everything, ladies, practice MODERATION! Just because it is a "healthier" alternative doesn't mean we can overindulge. Keep those sugar carbs in check!


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