Morning Cardio for Optimal Fat Burn!

So why does morning cardio work so well, and why do it first thing in the morning? When you wake up in the morning, depending on when you last ate, you've gone through roughly a 7 to 12 hour fasting period, and your muscle glycogen stores at this point is either low or depleted. During exercise, glycogen is the first source of energy burned, and fat after that. So when your glycogen stores are low, it won't take a whole lot to burn it all, and quickly begin mobilizing your fat stores as energy. This is precisely why I highly recommend morning cardio. Studies have confirmed this. One study with 14 well trained cyclists tested the effects of training with low muscle glycogen on fat metabolism, and found that while training with low muscle glycogen reduced training intensity, it significantly enhanced fat oxidation. [1] Other studies have also found that maintaining an energy deficit after exercise had the most potent effect on lipid metabolism, as measured by a higher plasma triacylglycerol concentration, and increased plasma fatty acid mobilization and oxidation compared with when in nutrient balance. [2]

contribution by: How to Burn Belly Fat - Newsletter #69


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